Kelvin Mayes

Always an admirer of glass gifts and art, I am at the beginning of my own journey to create a little magic myself and share it with others.

I have lived in Leicester for the best part of my life. Since childhood holidays in Cornwall until this time I have loved all of the fused glass gifts I saw and have often wondered how they were brought into being.

At the start of 2019 I began to browse the internet and read about it, as well as watching countless hours of YouTube videos attempting to gleam some knowledge, and I think I’m getting there!

I attended a couple of workshops and was taught how to cut glass but felt overwhelmed and craved being able to relax and create in my own time. One thing led to another and I now have my own kiln and love shopping for glass!

This is very much a part time venture, for now at least, as I work full time as an assistant practitioner on a hospital ward for people with cognitive impairment, dementia illnesses and mental health concerns.

I have had amazing support from my partner, family and friends and look forward to learning more and gaining skills while offering gorgeous gifts for others to enjoy.