Metallic black iridescent dish


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This 8cm by 8cm square dish has a shallow curve. It is created from ridged black glass with an iridescent coating. I cut a square and placed it face down in the kiln and top with clear glass. It is fired up to 800 degrees over around 14 hours. The ridges collapse and distort.
The dish is then returned to the kiln to slump into a mould to create the dip.                                                     Each is 6mm thick.
A gorgeous ornament in its own right, it could be used to place a tea-light candle onto or something else of interest. A small bar of soap perhaps?                                                                                                                              A lovely affordable gift for any occasion, hand made and fired in my kiln. The surface tends to shift colour depending on the light so try it in various places to find the best spot!

Price is for 1 square dish.

Price includes postage within the uk.

Other colours can be used, the blue bubbles will of course change colour. Let me know if you have any ideas.



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